Tips For Effective Behavior Mangement

Time is money

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The old adage "time is money" could not be more applicable to the school routine. Yet many of us overlook one of the biggest time and money wasters in the district: paper-pencil behavior management data collection. That paper-pencil process is a colossal waste of time. And when staff waste time, the school wastes money. It really is that simple. 

School staff responsible for working with students with challenging behaviors are almost always charged with the responsibility of gathering data relative to pre-determined behavior criteria. In most cases, specified behavior criteria such as "following directions" or "work completion" are used to monitor a student’s behavior during a specified period of time. The data is usually charted using pencil and paper, irrespective of today’s emphasis on utilizing technology to save time and enhance data-driven decision-making. There is an alternative: KeBecca EZ Behavior Tracker Software. KeBecca EZ Behavior Tracker software reduces the time spent on behavior data collection by 90% thus saving the district both time and money. Advantages include the following:

1.    Easy setup: KeBecca EZ Behavior Tracker is a paperless, web-based tool. Set up time takes approximately 10 minutes. Multiple set up options allow staff to configure data gathered according to student and school preferences. It is easy to set up, easier to use, and, in many cases, can be aligned with IEP or RTI goals.

2.    Scroll, tap or click: KeBecca EZ Behavior Tracker can be utilized from any web-based device. Staff collect, record and review data using any Smart phone, Ipad, or desktop computer. No more clip boards, pencils or tally sheets for staff and students to carry around.

3.    Formative assessment: KeBecca EZ Behavior Tracker allows for formative assessment with the scroll of the Smart phone, tap of the IPad or click of the mouse. Trend lines are easily accessed to determine rate and degree of change in student behavior.

4.    Interventions: KeBecca EZ Behavior Tracker allows staff to make informed decisions regarding appropriate interventions relative to the data reviewed. Interventions can be easily revised, removed or developed by staff based on “real time” data represented by trend lines.

5.    Cost effective: KeBecca EZ Behavior Tracker pays for itself in time saved within the first month of use. Districts save money and staff save time. And that’s important because after all, in the school business time really is money.

School leaders interested in a trial version of KeBecca EZ Behavior Tracker are encouraged to contact Kebecca at 319-294-7038 or



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