"The quality of service is outstanding."

Marigail Mullin
Former Executive Director
Crittenton Center
Sioux City, IA

Grand Opening Iowa City
September 1993

About KeBecca Education Services Services

KeBecca Education Services was initially incorporated under the name EduCare Learning Centers, Inc. on June 30th, 1993 by Dr. Kevin J. and Rebecca M. McCarville of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. The company, which was later renamed KeBecca Education Services, is privately owned and independently operated. KeBecca Education Services is the largest private provider of supplemental educational services in the State of Iowa.

Learning Centers: 1993

The company's initial programs in 1993 consisted exclusively of learning center tutorial services offered at sites in the two eastern Iowa communities of Iowa City and Cedar Rapids. The learning center services included individualized remedial reading and math programs, study skills seminars, ACT/SAT prep, homework support, and diagnostic assessment. The learning center services continue to be offered at the original Cedar Rapids, IA site under the EduCare Learning Centers, Inc. brand.

Contract Services: 1995

In 1995, the KeBecca Education Services company (formerly known as EduCare) was formed to support the delivery of contracted educational services on site at area schools. That fall, KeBecca Education Services became the first Iowa-based company to deliver educational services on site at area schools. Contracts were secured with two Cedar Rapids elementary schools and one residential treatment facility school to deliver Title I remedial reading and math services to at-risk students.

In the fall of 1998, the contracted services offerings were expanded to include proprietary programs for K-12 special education for students with behavior disorders.

KeBecca Software™: 2005

In 2005, the KeBecca Software (formerly known as KewUp! Software™) division of the company was formed to support the development of proprietary educational software for use with special education behavior disorder programming.

KeBecca Software was renamed EZ Behavior Tracker in 2016. EZ Behavior Tracker replaces the paper-pencil sheets that are commonly used to track behavior points for students with challening behaviors. The software empowers staff to utilize a data-driven approach to decision-making and ultimately better meets the needs of students with challening behaviors.

Our Future...

The KeBecca Education Services company of today bears only a passing resemblance to the early model first launched in the summer of 1993. One constant of the company, however, regardless of program expansion or growth over time, continues to be the unwavering commitment to program quality, personal and professional integrity, and exceptional customer service. And, grounded on those core values, KeBecca Education Services looks forward to a future of industry-leading service to the educational community.

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